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Who can join?

Thank you for your interest in the Association of Real Estate Investment Platforms, AREIP.


We welcome all real estate investment platforms, fund managers, crowdfunding platforms,  peer to peer lenders, and brokers to join us. 

Those organisations wishing to become members who are regulated by a financial services authority will be expected to (1) contribute to and embrace the AREIP standards, and (2) have the opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a central marketplace.


We also welcome other organisations to become Supporters of the association. Supporters can be any individuals, organisations, regulatory bodies, or others that want to support or promote the online real estate investment market. Supporters will be given the opportunity to collaborate with AREIP and will receive priority access to discussions and events.

Benefits of joining us

We believe in the power of collaboration and the collective.

Members will meet regularly to work towards establishing market standards and a central marketplace. They will also have the opportunity to talk about the regulatory landscape, opportunities and challenges. By connecting like-minded investment platforms AREIP is confident we can accelerate market growth and stand as a single voice in front of investors, regulators, policymakers and service providers for the overall benefit of the industry.

Consequently, AREIP Members and Supporters can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Protect their business model by helping shape policy and the market as a collective.
  2. Contribute to the establishment of market standards, and by doing so benefit from operational efficiencies, customer trust and increased sales.
  3. Advance the development of the central marketplace and benefit from increased liquidity and reduced operational costs thereby increasing profitability.
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