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Welcome to AREIPThe Association of
Real Estate
Investment Platforms

We are a trade association of global real estate investment platforms established to accelerate the adoption of digital property investment by building investor trust through standardisation, and liquidity with a centralised marketplace

The Market

Since 2013, there have been several innovative organisations emerging around the globe with the goal of making the world’s largest investment class, real estate, accessible to a much wider audience. Using the latest online technologies these organisations have launched real estate investment platforms enabling equity and debt investment in real estate on a fractional basis enabling access with smaller and more diversified investments.

Additionally, the online technologies have significantly improved the user experience with fast and compliant customer onboarding, electronic investment, and portfolio management tools. These platforms have significantly reduced the barriers to entry and proven that real estate investment can be made available to a broader market efficiently. In some cases, these organisations have experienced exponential growth and consequently attracted substantial private equity investment for growth and working capital purposes.

Our purpose
To build investor trust and market liquidity

Investment platforms in multiple jurisdictions have collectively transacted billions of dollars of investment into real estate via online applications, demonstrating strong demand for digital investment in real estate.

Like any emerging market, operations and standards vary significantly between organizations as they grow and develop independently of each other within their own unique ecosystems.

Our mission is to help accelerate the adoption of digital real estate investment by creating the right market conditions to engender trust and generate liquidity. To achieve this, our plan is to bring together investment platforms globally to agree on a common set of operational and conduct standards, in other words undergo a standardisation exercise, and then collectively establish a central marketplace.

By standardizing market terminology, investment descriptions and risk scoring across investment platforms we aim to help investors better understand and compare the investments available to them and their associated risks, and by doing so improve investment transparency and build investor confidence. Once the standardisation exercise is complete AREIP members can work together to design and establish a centralised marketplace which is essential to facilitate liquidity. All market participants will benefit from this process, including those raising capital, investment platforms and investors.

Consequently, we are keen to have real estate investment platforms join us as members and help shape the future of digital real estate investment. Organisations from all geographical locations are welcome, please refer to our membership page for further information on how to join.

Investor benefits
  1. Access to digital real estate investments governed by sensible regulation creating a safe investing environment.
  2. The ability to accurately evaluate investment opportunities and their associated risks.
  3. Access to liquidity and a wider variety of digital real estate investment opportunities.

Members & Supporters

AREIP has been founded by a group of like-minded professionals across Europe operating in the digital real estate investment marketplace. We embrace regulation and believe that there is a real opportunity to make digital real estate investment more accessible.